Friday, February 2, 2018

Pretty in Pink!

It's time to share the love and think pink all month long with the 

Pretty in Pink special! 

During February, you can celebrate with a discount on a select group of pink and gold items available at 25% off the retail price. 

Z9996 Everyday Life™ Album—Bashful
Z3383* Cut Above® Layout Kit—The Story Begins (Baby Girl)
Z3388 Picture My Life™ Cards—The Story Begins (Baby Girl)
D1728 My Acrylix® What Matters Most Stamp Set
B1572 My Acrylix® Banner Love Stamp Set
Z2819 Bashful Exclusive Inks™ Stamp
X5941 Bashful Cardstock
Z2508 Bashful Exclusive Inks™ Mini Pigment Pad
Z2844 Pixie Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad
X5984 Pixie Cardstock
Z2810 Blossom Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad
X5973 Blossom Cardstock
Z2812 Raspberry Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad
X5974 Raspberry Cardstock
Z3360 Bashful Glitter Paper
Z3369 Bashful Pearls
Z3381 Gold Heart Clips
Z3312 Gold Glitter Gems
Z3238 Gold Glitter Paper
Z3365 Gold Foil Paper

AND  three exclusive product bundles available at 30% off the retail price. Bashful—Color of the Year bundle.

Bundle #1  CC2181 Color of the Year Retail  Bundle includes
Bashful Ink Pad
Bashful Cardstock
Bashful Mini Pigment
Bashful Glitter Paper
Bashful Pearls

AND two bundles with supplies to make the Butterfly Mobile Papercrafting Project.

Bundle #2 CC2182 Butterfly Mobile
Bashful Cardstock (5 sheets)
Blossom Cardstock (2 sheets)
Pixie Cardstock (2 sheets)
Raspberry Cardstock (2 sheets)
Gold Foil Paper (1 sheet)
Bashful Ink Pad
Blossom Ink Pad
Pixie Ink Pad
Raspberry Ink Pad
White Twine (qty. 3)

Bundle #3  CC2183 Butterfly Mobile with Stamp Set
Banner Love Stamp Set
Bashful Cardstock (5 sheets)
Blossom Cardstock (2 sheets)
Pixie Cardstock (2 sheets)
Raspberry Cardstock (2 sheets)
Gold Foil Paper (1 sheet)
Bashful Ink Pad
Blossom Ink Pad
Pixie Ink Pad
Raspberry Ink Pad
White Twine (qty. 3)

Choose your bundle and create in pink!  Contact me for detailed mobile instruction sheet.   


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sunny Thoughts, Feb Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Welcome to February!  I sure hope this month brings a bit more warmth than what we had in January.  Some of my dear friends were in the deep freeze.  If you are still in the cold weather, here is some warm, sunny artwork to brighten your day.

If you have arrived here from Darlys' blog, you are following the sunny rays through some fabulous artwork using this stamp set.  After you spend your time here, you will travel on to Michelle's blog.

I love the sentiment "you are the sunshine in my pocket" so it was the inspiration for my pocket card.  I used paper from the Stargazer paper packet and Circut images from several of the Close to My Heart Cricut cartridges.  And here it is!

Want to create this card?  Visit your consultants website or shop on my website before the end of the month to purchase this set.  Then, use this Cricut file to cut your elements.

To see more artwork using this set, visit Michelle's Blog.

Sunny days ahead!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Week 3 Scrapbook Tip: Cropping Photos

Here's a bit of a review of what we have covered so far.
  1. Start with a recent event
  2. Choose your favorite photos that tell the story
And now for your next tip

Tip #3  Crop out excess sky, landscape or background when necessary

Yes, it is totally ok to trim or crop your photos to accentuate what you really want your photos to focus on.  These are the photos I posted in tip #1, my most recent event. 

 Although this one has a lot of background, the blur of the landscape helps tell the story of movement so I didn't crop this photo.
 I am by no means an expert photographer (one of my goals is to take a class) but cropping my photos improves my photo composition.   This one has a lot of "snow" white space and the person gets a bit lost in the scenery.

Here's the same photo, cropped narrower.  It helps to bring her more in focus.  As I look at this, my subject is centered and that doesn't highlight the movement.

Now, I feel like there is movement in the photo. 
 Finally, I love this photo and don't plan to crop it.  The perspective of the car tracks in the snow and how shows activity in the photo.

I like to work with photos that are 4 x 6, 4 x 4 or 4 x 3.  Smaller photos can be fun but I tend to use them in more artistic pages where I am taking more time.  The purpose of these tips is to make your scrapbooking faster, simpler and that topic is for a different series.  

Want to learn more about cropping?  I found this great article on cropping photos.  It has great visual explanations and comparisons.

You can crop your photos during your shoot (this is where the photography class comes in), you can crop them on the website where you print them (that is usually what I do), you can crop them in an editing program and then download them for print, or you can print them as taken and crop them as you scrapbook them.  Pick the way that works best for you!

Enjoy your scrapbooking,

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Seasonal Expressions 1 Blog Hop

Are you ready for a little bit if spring and whimsy?  You are going to love the new Seasonal Expressions and all the goodness it holds for your creative endeavors.

Welcome to the blog hop featuring the latest products from Close to My Heart. If you have arrived from Krista's Blog, you are hopping in a big circle that will feature artwork from 20 consultants.  When you are finished here, make sure to continue on to Miss Carrie's Creations

Where do I start?  Close to My Heart has hit it out of the park with new themed papers and stamps with something for everyone.  I was inspired by the set Z4164 Mother's Garden.  It reminded me of my mom who had a huge garden and loved to get up early before the sun was hot and work in her garden.  Her harvest was always bountiful and beautiful. 

The stamp set comes with thin cuts and the paper I used is Gimmee Some Sugar. 

If you have a CTMH consultant, head on over to the website and take a look at all the new product.  If you don't have a current consultant, I would be happy to help you.  You can visit my website here or contact me to get a current catalog. 

Remember there is so much more to see!  Head on over to Miss Carrie's Creations to see what she had made. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Week 2: Too many photos!

Last week I recommended that you start your scrapbooking with a most recent event.  It is fresh in your memory, exciting to remember, and easy to find!  You can read about it here.  But..."I have so many photos!"you might say.

Tip #2  You don't need to use every photo

That's right!  Instead, narrow it down to a few of your favorites and focus on the best moments of that event.  

Digital devices makes it so easy to take LOTS of photos with our phones.  We want to make sure we get the right shot or save all the memories.  This causes us to feel overwhelmed when we look back.  Even I posted seven photos of my most recent event, White Christmas, last week and that doesn't include the photos I am waiting to receive from a friend.  

 So, when you weed them out and you still have more photos than you feel like fits on a page, what do you do?  Close to My Heart has a solution for that called Pocket Plus and Flip Flaps.  These products allow you to add extra photos that don't "fit" on the page yet you want to include.  

Here's an example of how you can use Pocket Plus.  

This is a scrapbook page from the Chelsea Gardens Workshop Your Way.  Beautiful right?  I has a total of 6 photos on it...including some little 2 x 2's.  If I had one more photo, I might add a flip flap to include it on the page but what if I have several more?  
Here is the same layout but in the center, you can see the Pocket Plus pages that allow you to add more photos AND journalling.  The cut apart cards included in the CTMH paper packets can be used to fill any "holes" that you don't have photos for and they help to continue the theme as well as give your eye a place to rest.  

Pocket Plus fit right into the binding of your scrapbook whether post bound or 3 ring, are the same sturdy weight as your page protector, and have easy slide in openings.  

3 x 4 Horizontal Photos Z3245

4 x 3 Vertical Photos Z3244

4 x 6 Horizontal Photos Z3242

 6 x 4 Vertical Photos  Z3243

If you are interested in learning more about Pocket Plus and how to use them, please feel free to contact me.  Want to purchase now?  Head on over to my website and place your order.  

And one final photo for my most recent event that I will be scrapbooking...


Flash Sale!

Close to My Heart is kicking off 2018 with a 24-hour flash sale on my website this weekend! The sale will begin at 3:00 pm (MST) on Friday, January 12, and end at 3:00 pm (MST) on Saturday, January 13!

30% of selected bundles of current products!  Shop now for best deals!  

 Happy saving!